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Africa Adventure Academy - your helping hand in sustainable and responsible tourism development


your helping hand in sustainable and responsible tourism development

"As a division of the Africa Adventure Tourism Network we have the obligation to continually promote sustainable and responsible tourism development to enhance the visitor experience for both, international and local travellers."

Enya Fehler - Founder of Africa Adventure

The primary objective of the Africa Adventure Academy is to help small and medium tourism businesses to implement business administration systems and to support the successful use of them which includes sustainable education of key personnel and transfer of invaluable knowledge and business skills.

Specialised software for the travel industry as well as contact management and communication solutions will enable the client to cost, administer, market and deliver tourism products in an efficient and competitive way.

The intimate knowledge of holiday expectations and travel requirements of local and international tourists as well as the ever increasing demands of tour operators and travel agents is passed on during interactive workshops and seminars. This improves the intercultural competence of the African tourism player and secures responsible and sustainable tourism development.

Africa Adventure Academy

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