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Great leadership during crisis

Great leadership during crisis
Leaders are more able to persuade, convince, motivate, inspire, and sensibly use power to affect others in a positive way. Generally speaking, leadership is not the kind of authority that comes from leveraging title, position, or regulations.

The role of leaders during crisis
During a crisis, business leaders must provide leadership to those in their organisation, and to those in the greater orbit of their influence.
Leaders must be able to lead themselves and manage their own emotions when crisis triggers.
Good leaders are the ones who win and resolve crises with their team.

What is crisis leadership?
Crisis leadership consists of four traits that improve the ability to exert influence and to achieve results during a crisis.

A clear vision and value system that employees and business partners understand, feel ownership of, and endorse, is a powerful influencing tool during crisis.

A genuine concern for the well-being of employees and business partners experiencing a crisis. In addition, leaders regulate their own emotions during a crisis.

A well-honed communication strategy is critical during a crisis. Leaders can sharpen personal communication skills to be more effective, including clear and articulate expression and active listening.

During a crisis, even a wrong decision that promotes action is better than doing nothing. Good decision-making means gathering incomplete information from others, accepting that there are risks involved, listening to gut feelings, and making the decision because it needs to be made.

To sum it up
  • Leadership does not come with titles! Leaders are able to persuade, convince, motivate, inspire and sensibly use power to affect others in a positive way.
  • A good leader is the one who wins and resolves crisis with her or his teams and someone who makes others feel secure.
  • There are four crisis leadership traits: purpose, compassion, communication and decisiveness.

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