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Why YOU should be a member of Africa Adventure


Why should YOU be a member of Africa Adventure?

While I could cite boring mission and vision statements (they are so 1990's) I rather tell you what's in it for you!

Because YOU want the traveller to know YOUR name

Building up your brand is the most sustainable marketing strategy - don't leave it to others! 

Because YOU want the traveller to contact YOU directly

Every time a traveller contacts you, you need to save their contact details to build up your own marketing database to use in email campaigns - even if they haven't booked with you!

Because YOU want the traveller to book with YOU directly

The best way to increase your ROI - Return of Investment - or more plainly your profit is the amount of direct bookings. To achieve this you need to have at a minimum your own website, nothing fancy but appropriate to your business. Yes, we can assist with this as well, just ask us.

Because YOU love travellers and love to deal with them directly 

We all are in it for the money, but if you do not love the traveller and if you do not love to interact with them even from the earliest stages of inquiries you are on your way out before you even in.

Because YOU want to show the traveller what others have to say about you

Travellers book with you in first place because others tell their story about you. And not everyone uses the same review source to do so! We pull in YOUR reviews from a number of review pages including Trip Advisor, Google, Facebook, and the like.

Because YOU want to beat the COVID slump

 Being proactive in promoting your services even in troubled times puts the focus away from problems towards solutions. This is good for you and the traveller alike.

Because YOU want to show the world that YOU are open for business 

If you are not telling the world that your business "survived" COVID how could the traveller know that you are still around and open for business! 

Because YOU want to be independent of agents and booking portals

All tourism businesses need at sales & marketing strategy that includes many channels and your direct marketing efforts are the foundation - just like the services you offer, may it be a bed, seat or plate. Agents and booking portals need to be part of your overall sales & marketing strategy but relaying on those channels only will spell tragedy if the going gets rough. Read more about Booking vs Travel Portal

Not a member of Africa Adventure?

If you provide quality services to travellers within the listed countries of sub-saharan Africa and agree to adhere to our code of conduct including relevant government & travel industry regulations as well as all statutory requirements you are welcome to apply for membership to Africa Adventure.

 Check if your membership is active

You can check if your membership is active easily by searching your company in My Africa Adventure. If you can't find yourself it is time to join Africa Adventure.

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